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Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change



Well-being and Stress Management

In looking at the holistic picture of the client, which includes health, work and home environment, stress, diet and nutrition and environmental factors, we can look at how stress manifests itself in your daily life, and how it affects your health and well-being, your emotional wellness and behaviour.  Together, we can identify the causes of your stress and explore how to change things for the better.  I can support you in learning practical techniques to manage stress and in giving treatments, which will restore, revive and renew your energy.  Contact Us
Well-being techniques include:                     

  • How to relax easily – relaxation techniques and treatments 
  • How to improve sleeping patterns
  • Achieving a work/life balance
  • A healthy diet and nutrition; How to improve eating patterns and the use of exercise
  • Time management
  • How to think positively and use affirmations
  • How to be assertive about your needs


 Treatment includes:


Initial consultation of 30 minutes: we will discuss your wellness and well-being to identify how and where to make changes to your lifestyle and/or manage your stress. All discussions are in confidence.


Holistic approach: following the consultation, some clients may need two or three sessions, whilst others may need some specific support in relevant areas.  Each 30 minutes or one-hour appointment is made, according to each client’s unique profile and relevant needs.




A treatment plan is agreed with the client to enable lifestyle changes, which is monitored over an agreed period of time.  Contact Us  



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