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Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial


 A holistic facial benefits your health and inner well-being.  It is not just about the complexion but also the mind, body and spirit.  This deep cleansing facial is soothing and relaxing, using natural products to cleanse, tone, mask and moisturise.  Apart from the face, it extends to the neck and shoulders and includes a scalp massage. 

Holistic Facial
This treatment helps to improve skin tone using effective, simple massage techniques, which emphasises how essential massage is to both health and beauty.  Tension is stored in the face, as a result of emotions and daily stress, resulting in a tightness within the facial muscles, often around the eyes, brow, cheeks and mouth.  A lack of muscle tone is also made worse by the effects of a poor diet, too much alcohol, a lack of sleep, air pollution and unwarranted exposure to sunlight.
The holistic facial relaxes and revives the muscles, using a range of facial massage techniques, which are applied to pressure points on the face, stimulating the energy flow and thus releasing any deep tension, which has accumulated over a period of time.  The effects of this treatment include relieving headaches and other stress-related symptoms, stimulating head energy and the draining of sinuses, an overall sense of relaxation and positive well-being. 
Treatment includes:
Initial Consultation
A series of treatments is recommended, and a once a month maintenance treatment as needed.  Contact Us



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